Herzlich Willkommen zur RAK-Webseite
Herzlich Willkommen zur RAK-Webseite

Welcome to RAK website

About us


Regio Accès Keniš is an independent correspondent. We specialize in environmental and communal issues. To obtain direct information on-site is our motto. We'd also be glad to work on a theme which is chosen by a publisher. The target language is Japanese.


Translation & Interpretation

Regio Accès Keniš is active in translation: from English or German to Japanese. We also offer interpretation service: English, German and Japanese. 



Regio Accès Keniš advises customers on everything related to regional development. The outsider sees most of the game (an English proverb). From a Japanese point of view, we would like to contribute to an individual, customer-centered development.


Down to Datail

Our SOHO is characterized from planning to finishing touches by the craftman's spirit: honest, precise and customer-centered work.

It is lovely to get acquainted with new customers. We are RAK - Regio Accès Keniš. We would be grateful, if you could leave us a message using the format (choose "Kontakt"), to give us the opportunity to know, who visited our website.

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